Meet The Team That Ignites



Ever since he was a young boy Nathan has always loved performing and creating live pieces of theatre, whether it be for a school talent show or a family gathering. Throughout his school years he found a home doing theatre sports and drama with secondary school groups, travelling all across NZ to do it.

Now he has shifted his attention to the creatives and performers of the coming generation, pursuing a career in teaching theatre and drama.

Nathan loves writing, everything and anything music related, as well as creating safe, energetic, crazy, fun areas for kids to thrive and excel in.


Holly loves an adventure and has lived and worked as a teacher in England and Egypt, but has chosen New Zealand as home. 

In her words: “I am going off the idea of growing up – looking to Peter Pan my way through life, sprinkle some biodegradable glitter, rainbows, and enthusiasm around like a cheerful sea witch.”
She enjoys attending live music and theatre in her spare time and is passionate about fostering a funky, fun environment for students where together they can develop empathy, concentration, and confidence through drama.


Kylie’s calling to work with children started when she was a teenager working at a holiday programme. From there she got her bachelor’s degree in primary teaching, followed by a diploma in ECE. Although she has worked across all curriculum areas, her passion lies in the arts, particularly drama. As a very shy child herself, Kylie values the importance of confidence building from a young age so that tamariki can be the best versions of themselves: comfortable and confident in their own skin. As the great Dr Suess once said, “You’re off to great places, today is your day, your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!”
Kylie has a 4 year old and 7 year old to keep her busy. She enjoys hanging out with family and friends, camping trips, and arts and crafts. 

The Spark


Davina Marr, our Director, began Marrzipan with the intention to deliver quality performance experience classes for children. With an extensive background in the Performing Arts, increasing her confidence throughout her school years, Davina has dedicated her life to inspiring confidence in students, parents and even our very own Marrzipan Teachers! The Marrzipan spark within Davina began teaching Drama to Primary children at her old school; she knew she had found her vocation in life. She then moved to Brisbane, Australia where she continued to teach Drama, as well as study a dual degree in Drama and Marketing at QUT. She subsequently set up Marrzipan in Brisbane towards the end of 2010. After moving to New Zealand, Davina decided to pursue Marrzipan Drama full time and has not looked back! Davina has chosen her wonderful team of Teachers, not for having a load of letters after their name (after years of sitting in a lecture theatre), but for their past experience, natural talent with children, and passion for the cause! Marrzipan Teachers are role-models, this is why they are called Representatives. They Represent all that we are about, creating the perfect balance of professionalism and “sillyness.” Marrzipan Representatives receive continuous training and career advancement opportunities. All Marrzipan Representatives are also First Aid trained, Police checked and Reference checked to ensure your child’s safety.