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Growing up on Waiheke Island, Manon spent her time forcing her family, friends and toys to watch her imaginative performances. Soon, Manon’s energy was channeled into dancing. Manon continued this into adulthood, completing a Bachelor of Dance Studies from the University of Auckland. Alongside her studies, Manon began teaching dance and found that she had the most fun when grooving and giggling with the kids. Manon believes the best learning happens when you’re having a crazy fun time and is looking forward to the awesomeness to come in 2021



Half wannabe filmmaker, half football maniac, and half failed mathematician; Josh
ditched a career in retail management to explore his creative passions. As a newbie,
Josh battled his way through the rigorous trials Marrzipan threw at him and came out
the other side using nothing but quick wit, unparalleled enthusiasm, exceptional
brains, and the worlds greatest humility. With a Bachelor of Communications, Josh
has a flair for creativity and has always enjoyed drama from his time at school. Josh
attributes his love for working with children to his niece, Blaire, who continues to
teach him the importance of being a little crazy and to find the fun in every aspect of
life. When Marrzipan came calling, Josh took the opportunity with both hands and is
thrilled to be part of such a unique and wonderfully passionate team.

The Spark


Davina Marr, our Director, began Marrzipan with the intention to deliver quality performance experience classes for children. With an extensive background in the Performing Arts, increasing her confidence throughout her school years, Davina has dedicated her life to inspiring confidence in students, parents and even our very own Marrzipan Teachers! The Marrzipan spark within Davina began teaching Drama to Primary children at her old school; she knew she had found her vocation in life. She then moved to Brisbane, Australia where she continued to teach Drama, as well as study a dual degree in Drama and Marketing at QUT. She subsequently set up Marrzipan in Brisbane towards the end of 2010. After moving to New Zealand, Davina decided to pursue Marrzipan Drama full time and has not looked back! Davina has chosen her wonderful team of Teachers, not for having a load of letters after their name (after years of sitting in a lecture theatre), but for their past experience, natural talent with children, and passion for the cause! Marrzipan Teachers are role-models, this is why they are called Representatives. They Represent all that we are about, creating the perfect balance of professionalism and “sillyness.” Marrzipan Representatives receive continuous training and career advancement opportunities. All Marrzipan Representatives are also First Aid trained, Police checked and Reference checked to ensure your child’s safety.

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