Holiday Drama Workshops

Looking for a fun, productive way to keep your kids engaged and entertained these holidays?

Join us this holiday and find out why our students can’t get enough of our action packed, non-stop laughing and highly engaging drama workshop!!!


All kids aged between 5 – 14 years old


Choose between one, some or all 5 day options


Wellington Cadet Centre, 393 Evans Bay Parade


15 – 19th April 2024


Have fun, learn skills & make friends!

How it Works

We run 5-day Holiday Workshops throughout all school holidays in Wellington. Students will devise their own play, create characters they feel awesome portraying, learn to direct each other, design the set, bring in costumes, film a trailer for their production aaaaaand get to perform to family and friends at the end of the final day!

Workshops are a great to build a child’s confidence before school starts, as well as a cool environment to meet new friends and play fun games.

Holiday Workshop Hours: 9:30am – 4.00pm (or drop off from 8:30am and pick up till 5pm at no additional cost).

Parents can choose to sign their child up to one, some or all of the days available.

Please get in touch with us as soon as possible – spaces are limited to 14 per class to ensure students get the one on one Marrzipan mentoring that they deserve.

What it means

“We really appreciate the individual attention you seem to give to each student. Thanks again Zac, you do an exceptional job teaching these kids and I think the class is fantastic value for money.” 

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Public Speaking & self confidence
Improvisation and being weird
Character development and interacting with others
Rehearsing a play, set design & making a trailer
Performance and feeling confident on stage

Monday - Public Speaking and Self Confidence

What does it take to be a confident public speaker? What are the skills that anyone can learn to help them feel like a star on stage? What makes a performance really enjoyable for an audience?

By the end of Day One, students will understand what makes a good performance and how to develop their skills to produce a better show, and feel confident doing so.

Tuesday - Improvisation

What is improvisation and how does it help us generate ideas? How can I embrace the fact that I am weird and wonderful, and use these skills to create new stories? What are some story ideas that we could turn into a full performance?

By the end of Day Two, students have decided on a theme for their story and a basic plot outline, and have embraced their inner weirdo.


Wednesday - Character development

How do you develop an interesting character? What part does my character play in our script to help move the story along? How can I interact with others, both as myself and when I am in character?

By the end of Day Three, students have practiced being a character in a story as well as interacting with other students, characters and the audience.

Thursday - Rehearsing a play, set design and making a trailer.

How can I show off the best parts of myself and my character? What parts of our story do we want to show in our advert and which should we keep secret? What set would suit our story and how can we create it in one day?

By the end of Day Four, students have created a set and filmed a trailer for a show, as well rehearsed a play more to discover what makes them and their character unique and special.


Friday - Performance and being confident on stage.

What can we do to improve our performance of our character? What things can we do to prepare, so that we feel awesome when we are on stage? How to celebrate your achievements and feel proud of yourself!

At the end of Day 5, students perform their creation and feel great doing so!