How Does Drama Build Self-Confidence in Kids?

We here at Marrzipan believe that drama is an awesome art form, which for a number of reasons, is perfectly suited to children. Not only is acting and drama classes a whole lot of fun, but it also gives children a platform for expressing themselves along with an outlet for their natural creativity. It also provides a major boost in self-confidence! Woohoo!

IIf there’s one problem many children face in NZ, it’s a lack of self-confidence, and that makes us at Marrzipan sad. A lack of self-confidence can lead to other problems in a child’s life: this may be an inability to assert themselves in the classroom or stand up to bullies, a fear of approaching others and making friends, or even difficulty growing into the person they want to be. Boo!

So, how does drama for kids fit into the picture?

Well, what could boost a child’s self-confidence more than creating their own play with classmates, through from start to finish, all the while diving into a character, learning how to boldly express feelings and, finally, standing in front of their friends and parents and delivering a performance that they’ve worked on for weeks?

Not much, we think, and that’s why we’re all about using the magic of “theatre” to teach kids life skills and give them a massive self-confidence boost! Keen as? Check out our prices for in school and online drama classes for kids here!

Not convinced? Let’s take a sneaky look at some of the specific ways in which participating in drama can help your child grow and flourish into the awesome humans you know they have the potential to be…

Drama Teaches Your Child to Express Themselves

It’s clear that drama helps children express themselves creatively. On the other hand, it also helps them express themselves in general: participation in drama requires a child to literally project their voice so they can be heard. Hence it can give them the confidence they need to figuratively project their voice, too! They learn to stand up for their opinions and defend themselves when necessary. There are few life skills that are more significant.

Drama Teaches Your Child How to Face New and Scary Situations

As children grow up, they have to experience many different situations for the first time, situations that may cause them anxiety. (Which we know really sucks because as a parent, we want to protect our babies from all the bad stuff in the world!) But acting gives them a chance to play characters that must face situations they may never experience in real life, which gives them an in-built sense of confidence when confronting novel experiences. It also helps them put the “shoe on the other foot” and think of things from new perspectives. Pretty cool, huh!

Drama Tackles Fear of Public-Speaking

Joining a drama or theatre group allows children to confront one of the most commonly-held fears: speaking in public. Even for adults, public speaking can be very scary (some say it is feared more than death!)

We believe public speaking is a skill that has be practiced, just like everything else. You wouldn’t expect your child to run on to a rugby field and know how to play the game without going to training, would you? Yet we often expect our children to be able to suddenly speak in front of an audience without much practice at all! Grandma was right; “practice makes perfect!”

Why do most people have a fear of public speaking?

Well, the root cause of a fear of public speaking is ultimately a lack of self-confidence – people worry they’ll “look weird” or “say something stupid.”

And, if you think about it, both of these are tied to worrying about how others perceive you.

Fortunately, our classes are structured in such a way that “there are no wrong answers” and we encourage children to be their “weird and wonderful” selves. In Marrzipan, being called a “weirdo” is considered a massive compliment, because you are letting your true self shine.

Self-confidence means being bold, taking risks, accepting that, yes, perhaps people will judge you negatively but who cares!

Just consider how many situations this sort of mindset could prepare your child for! It could be joining a club or sports team in school, making new friends and – down the road – applying for their dream job.

Drama helps you embrace the “inner you”.

In Drama, Everyone’s Included

In a play, everyone has a vital role, so even if your child has had a tough time getting involved in activities with other kids outside drama, here they’ll learn how to work together to achieve a common goal. More than that, they’ll be more confident in their ability to be a part of a group and have a voice within it.

Drama Teaches Your Child to Trust In Their Own Ability

The word “confidence” is related to the Latin word for trust. Check us out getting all smart! When all is said and done, self-confidence means “trusting in oneself,” particularly trusting in one’s own ability.

When your child gets up in front of their peers and delivers lines that they’ve invested time, effort, and practice in, they see that they can do what they put their minds to, and understand that hard work pays off.

They’ll learn to trust in themselves. Key life skill? We think so.

Wrapping Up

Drama imparts skills that will stay with your child FOR LIFE. A pretty big deal, we know! This is all wrapped up in an incredible art form with centuries of history and includes stories that will in themselves teach your kids life lessons and empathy.

Here at Marrzipan, we really do believe that drama is an essential part of your child’s education and will be a healthy, formative experience for your child as they grow. The children who have gone through our program are a testament to that and we take our work very seriously (even though we are goofy!)

If you’re interested in seeing the difference drama can make in your child’s self-confidence and life, sign up for a no obligation, free trial today. We look forward to helping them flourish!

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